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My name is Mary Beth, but my friends call me MB.

I have been writing for most of my adult life, first as a military intelligence analyst and then as a professional marketer and occasional ghostwriter. In the fall of 2022, after many prayers, long bouts of procrastination, a fair amount of cussing, and a lot of rewrites, I finally became a published author! 


The title of my debut book is Unwanted: Fighting to Belong. It is a vulnerable story that chronicles my journey from the moment I discovered my child would be born with multiple disabilities, through all of the challenges I faced in getting his basic needs met, and how the lessons I learned transformed me into a leading advocate for inclusive education.

Thank you for reading my words and allowing me to share my heart with you.


Video on inclusive education

About the Book

Learn more on this episode of the Think Inclusive podcast.

Unwanted: Fighting to Belong

Children with disabilities face profound discrimination in the education system and are forcibly segregated in schools all around the world. Unwanted is a powerful story about one mom’s journey to make the world a better place for her son. Full of heartbreak, grit, and triumph, it advocates for the human right to belong while sharing real-world stories of parents, teachers, and researchers who are working to protect the rights of children with disabilities inside of our education system.


The Advocacy Underground is on a mission to ensure legitimate equality and authentic inclusion across all educational systems for students with disabilities. This requires educating communities on the power of inclusion, equipping them to do it effectively, and empowering people with the resources and strategies needed to intentionally create welcoming environments for children of all abilities.



Feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with me on Unwanted or send me a request to write about specific topics or challenges that you would like to know more about.


If you would like me to speak at an upcoming event or run a workshop for your organization, I regularly present to disability groups, school districts, and university teaching programs on what inclusion is, why it is important, and how to make it work in the real world. 

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