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Fighting to Belong

Children with disabilities face profound discrimination in the education system, and are forcibly segregated in schools all around the world. This book serves as a guide to help parents, teachers, and community members better understand and advocate for the human right to an inclusive education for students with disabilities.

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Only 16.5% of students with intellectual disabilities spend the majority of their day in an inclusive educational setting.


15% of the world's population lives with a disability.


Students with disabilities are two times as likely to be bullied as their peers without disabilities.

About the Book

“He is my son. A person. He is not a condition or a statistic. He’s my son.”

Mary Beth Moore chose to have hope in a situation experts deemed hopeless. She was encouraged to abort her son when an ultrasound revealed the presence of multiple disabilities. Years later, experts in the education system said the limitations of the school system could not be changed to meet her son’s needs. Again, Mary Beth chose to have hope. 

Unwanted is a powerful story about one mom’s journey to make the world a better place for her son. Full of heartbreak, grit, and triumph, it raises awareness for disability rights and advocates for the human right to belong.

The presence of disabilities is a natural part of humanity, and in no way makes someone less worthy of living a full, inclusive life. Children with disabilities face pervasive discrimination and systemic segregation in school systems across the United States and around the world. Unwanted explores the evolution of special education law, research on creating inclusive classrooms, and real-world stories of families and teachers actively fighting to protect the rights of children with disabilities in our education system. 


The Advocacy Underground

The Advocacy Underground is a movement focused on ensuring students with disabilities receive an authentically inclusive education. This requires educating our communities on the power of inclusion, equipping them to do it effectively, and empowering parents and teachers with the knowledge and tools needed to intentionally create welcoming environments for children of all abilities.


About the Author

Mary Beth Moore is the founder and executive director of The Advocacy Underground, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the authentic inclusion of students with disabilities across all educational environments. She studied political science and criminal justice at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte before joining the U.S. Marine Corps. She served as an intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense for several years, and then transitioned to a marketing leader in the high tech space. She uses the storytelling skills gained as an intelligence analyst and marketing leader to make the complexities in special education law and research more consumable by parents and educators alike. 

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